Melamine Doors & Panels

4The following information should help in assisting you to maintain the surface of your Melamine doors & panels with the minimum of time and effort.

Melamine are not scratch-proof but rather, scratch resistant. Thus it is possible to permanently scratch or mark the melamine surface, particularly with a sharp implement.

Household cleaners can be classified into 3 types:

  1. Liquids – non abrasive or      caustic.
  2. Creams (eg. Jif, Ajax Cream      Cleaners,ect)
  3. Powders and Pastes ( Ajax, Bon      Ami, Gumption ect)

Abrasive creams, powders and pastes will permanently alter the appearance of a laminate surface with continual use.

We recommend the use of liquid cleaners for general day-to-day use.

Whenever stubborn spots occur which cannot be removed with a liquid cleaner, then the careful use of a cream cleaner for these spots should be used.

For finishing we recommend Windex because it does not leave streak marks on the laminate surface after cleaning.